North Freeway Furniture has partnered with a few companies to provide 90 days interest free financing opportunities for our customers. To apply please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the apply now button below the company you would like to apply to.
Step 2: When you click “apply now” a new window with an application will open. Complete and submit the application.
Step 3: When you complete the application, we will be notified. From there you can either call us or we will call you within 24 hours to complete the process.

If you apply to a company and you are not approved, then you cannot apply to that same company again for 60 days. However, if you are not approved by one company then you can apply to one of the other companies. Sometimes one company will deny someone, but another company will approve them. Rest assured that applying to a company does not affect your credit so applying to multiple companies should not be an issue. If you have any questions you can call (713) 692-2562 or email us at